Frequently Asked Questions

I. General

1. What is Castmeperfect?
Castmeperfect is a web and mobile app platform that connects Recruiters to Aspirants and vice-versa. Please check out our About Us and Why Castmeperfect section for more details.

2. Who all can be a part of the Castmeperfect family?
Anyone can! There is absolutely no age, gender or professional barriers for someone to join the Castmeperfect platform. Anyone who has a passion for acting or modelling can be part of the platform.

3. Is verification of one’s profile compulsory?
Yes. One needs to verify their email ID and phone number given in the account to show the credibility of their profile. Be sure that the email ID and phone number you provide are valid before completing the registration.

4. Is it a paid service?
Yes. New sign-ups are required to take a membership package to continue availing the service we provide.

5. Is the payment refundable?
There is no refund for the subscription or booster payments. However, if we are not able to showcase you any opportunity within the set period of time, you can mail to our customer support. If there were no opportunities in your membership time period, we will extend the subscription as per the plan chosen.

6. How safe is the Castmeperfect platform?
We take utmost care in validating the credibility of a Recruiter who wishes to sign-up with this platform and use its’ services. And we have cancelled the possibility of direct contact as the platform does not include one-to-one messaging. Hence, the only type of contact exists between a verified Recruiter and their shortlisted talents. You can enjoy the services we provide on this platform without any worry. However, in case you face any issue please contact our customer support.

II. Aspirant

1. Who are Aspirants?
Aspirants are users who want to be part of the film, advertising, serial or modeling industry.

2. Is it necessary to complete the profile?
It is highly recommended that you complete your profile to increase the credibility of your account and also you will have a better chance at landing good opportunities.
3. What is the difference between the Amateur and Pro membership package?
Amateur packages are for those who want to test the platform and Pro membership is for those who are very serious about their passion . Both the packages have the same features; although the duration of membership for the Aspirants differs in both the packages.

4. Can I hide my contact details?
Yes. In the Aspirant dashboard, in the setting section you can adjust your privacy settings by blocking the view access to your contact details. So if any Recruiter shortlists you, you will receive an SMS & an Email stating that you have been shortlisted.

5. Where do I find the casting calls?
You can find it by clicking the Browse Projects button.

6. Where do I find the casting calls that I have applied to in the past?
You can find it by clicking the Application Status button.

7. Will I get regular updates?
Yes. If any Recruiter shortlists you, you will receive an SMS & an Email stating that you have been shortlisted. Also you will be notified with the latest opportunities periodically.

8. What is Profile Booster?
It is a booster service for your profile. When you apply for a particular project, it boosts your profile to the top for maximum visibility.

9. Can I share my Castmeperfect profile on social media platforms?
Yes. You can share your profile on all social media platforms. Once you have logged in, your dashboard will display various options to share your profile on social media platforms like FB, Twitter etc.

10. Does Castmeperfect assists with Portfolio creation for an Aspirant?
Yes! Castmeperfect have a top notch team of professional photographers, stylist and videographers to assist you for your portfolio creation.

11. Who can view my profile and contact details?
Your profile is visible to both Recruiters and other Aspirants. However, your contacts are available only to our backend team, which will be made available to the Recruiters, only if you are shortlisted for their projects.

12. For more enquiries?
Contact our customer support at 8593062255.

III. Recruiters

1. Who are Recruiters?
Recruiters are users who cast for the film, serial, advertisement or modeling industry.

2. Is there Sign-up section for Recruiters?
No. Currently there is no Recruiter signup procedure. Only verified Recruiters will be able to login which our admin team will help. This is for one’s own security as no one should start a fake profile with your name.

3. What if I want to sign-up as a Recruiter?
You can contact our Admin team at +918593062255. Our Admin team will be able to help you out.

4. Why can’t I shortlist people?
Unless and until you create a casting call, you cannot shortlist Aspirants. You can only view them.

5. How do I shortlist Aspitants?
After creating a casting call, you can check the suggested Aspirants list and the Applications list from which you can select the talents and put them either in the waiting list or the shortlist. Your final selections will be seen in the shortlist section.

6. How do I contact an Aspirant?
As soon as your shortlist is ready, we shall reveal the contact details of the Aspirant you wish to contact. Also an SMS will be sent to the aspirant notifying the shortlist.

7. How do I create a Casting call?
Firstly, make a new project in the Create Project section for which you wish to cast the required talents. Then, from the Casting calls section, create the casting call with necessary details.

8. Can I add multiple projects without any limitations?
Yes! You can add multiple projects without any number of limitations.

9.For more enquiries?
Contact our customer support at 8593062255.